AOI.CYCLE is a bicycle design and manufacturing company which helps redefine the notion of elegant cycling in daily life.
The corporate ethos is to create timeless and refined products, crafting every bicycle in a meticulous manner, even with the influx and considered integration of new technologies.
Aside from AOI.CYCLE’s unique frame design, the signature material used to create the bicycle frames is constructed with stainless steel. The stainless steel frame is strengthened using an existing aerospace-grade welding technique, then carefully polished in order to preserve their metallic luster.
The unique designed geometry, construction technologies and materials used symbolize the brand’s focus on craftsmanship, safety, durability as well as great riding experiences. And these values are what make AOI.CYCLE a true craft piece worth passing on to the next generation.


AOI.CYCLE, a Taiwanese brand, resembles the beautiful anomaly in the bicycle market dominated by large manufacturers. The brand upholds its exquisite and steady industrial design, mechanical technology, and demands exquisite, elegant and purely hand-made “craft bicycles” piece after piece.
AOI.CYCLE was established in 2010 by Ken Aoi, an industrial designer, in Kaohsiung Taiwan. The family owned factory, located here, has a history of 40 years and is specialized in mechanical design and metal processing, Furthermore, it has been engaged in the development of aerospace equipment with the renowned AIDC for a considerable period of time. From an early age, Ken became fascinated by design and machining, and enrolled in design college to practice more about industrial design.


Inspired by the curve shape of a biker’s arched back, Ken adapts the traditional diamond shape structure of a bicycle into a streamlined open framework for his own bicycle that set apart AOI.CYCLE from other bicycle styles.

For over a century, the diamond shape structure of bicycles, with two triangular bottoms dovetailing, was disassembled into three parts: the top tube, the seat tube to the bottom tube, and the rear triangle. The subversion of the traditional design not only gives the bike a more streamlined appearance, but also allows forces to be distributed evenly from the seat tube to the whole bike, thus reducing turbulence and increasing comfort. After graduating in 2010, Ken promptly returned to his hometown to take over his family’s business, and at the same time put his dream of starting his own business into practice, putting the concept of “craft bicycle” into practice.


In AOI.CYCLE, we have a small but strong and creative team set in a 40-year-old metal work factory that was inherited by the founder's father based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan since the business started in 2010. In 2017, we expanded our factory with a new building for office, display as well as frame building and assembling.

Our teammates come from a variety of backgrounds such as architecture, shipbuilding industry and mechanical engineering. And with a good work ethic, each of the teammates works as an apprentice for years before working independently. We test and use our bicycle everyday and exchange new ideas constantly to make a better innovation for AOI.CYCLE.

The makers share the same belief that the touch of craft should not be superseded by technology. New mediums provide tools to accelerate and reduce work, but the details must be completed by hand so each product is uniquely made with love and care.
If you also share the same passion with us and are interested in what we are doing, feel free to say hi at service@aoicycle.com.
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