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AOI.CYCLE x Copenhagen Bike Show 2023

It was very nice and super fun to be back to Copenhagen Bike Show after some years and to meet with lots of cool people from here. Thank you all for coming to visit during the weekend! We will be showing our bicycles at our Copenhagen partner Coh&Co...

AOI.CYCLE x Cyclingworld Europe 2023

Instead of the classic diamond frame shape, founder and designer Ken Aoi lovingly created a symbiosis of durable stainless steel frames from Taiwan with Danish wood craftsmanship, assembled in Germany and Denmark. The longevity of the bikes in terms of sustainability is particularly important to him. "It's a...

AOI.CYCLE x NTCRI: The Journey to Carpentry

Commissioned by the national taiwan craft research and development institute (NTCRI), AOI CYCLE’s craftsmanship bicycle project creates an elegant two-wheeler through metal and woodworking. as a common commodity transporting people from A to B for centuries, taiwan is a country well known for manufacturing bikes. their designs can...