When ordering with us, we promise that you will own a beautiful and quality handmade bicycle by AOI.CYCLE.
Frame, Fork and Handlebar are under warranty for 5 years. Internal hubs, Brake system, Chainwheel & Crankset, Pedal are under warranty for 1 years.
Warranty period begins with the delivery to the customer. As proof of purchase and delivery, please store the sales receipt for the duration of warranty. The warranty is limited to the original buyer of the product only and is not transferable. Should the product be transferred to another person, this warranty expires.
The warranty does not cover:
  1. Tire, Inner Tubes, Brake shoes, Brake Inner Cables, Derailleur cables, Leather grips which are expendable components.
  2. Damage caused by improper handling (see Intended Usage) or by force majeure.
  3. All parts subject to functional wear as far as there is no production- or material failure.
  4. Damage caused by improper or poor maintenance and care, non-pro-fessional repairs, rebuilding or replacements of parts.
  5. Damage caused by accidents or other abnormal interferences as far they are not traced back to information or product failures.
  6. Repairs with used parts, or following damages due to this.
  7. Damage caused under competitive circumstances.
  8. Subsequent additional parts which are not included in the scope of delivery at the date of delivery, or damages caused while assembling these parts
If your product breaks down in a normal condition, please send a picture of it to :, and contact our staff.